Tour of the Farm

A walk around the property

Driveway views

Once you reach the top of the driveway you start to get a beautiful look at the trees around the property, leading up towards the venue. On the back side of the house, leading to the parking area, you will pass two huge Lilac trees that were planted in the 60’s, they bloom in June.

Lilac trees

When you park in the field, on the left side of the lawn, down the hill you will come across a man made waterfall. It is currently under construction but has many beautiful perennials that bloom all along the waterfall. Abundance of Trollius, Daylily, Columbines, Geraniums and Irises. These generally bloom between May & June.

Trollius-bloom Mid-May-Mid-June
Daylily- bloom end of May, beginning of June.
Daisies and Irises-bloom in June
Columbines- bloom towards the end of June
White Geraniums – bloom early June
Trollius-bloom early June.
Planting more flowers last fall 2018.
Headed from the parking area, down towards the waterfall.
Left of the parking area, headed towards the waterfall.
Looking down the woodland trail that leads to the entrance and parking area.
The venue-where I do’s, dinner & dancing are located.
From the parking area, headed up the woodland path you will find lots of natural beauty and beautiful flowers planted through out the walk up.
Apple trees- bloom early June.
An abundance of wildflowers surrounding the fields.
Wine barrels at the end of the woodland trail.
We’ve made a lot progress this year and can’t wait to continue.